Social Media Community Guidelines

Open and engaging online spaces

We welcome discussion on our social media channels. In order to provide open and engaging online spaces, we require that all users of the City of Markham social media channels follow these Social Media Community Guidelines.

Be respectful

Users may disagree with content posted by the City or other users, but everyone must be respectful at all times.

Do not post prohibited content

We reserve the right to hide and/or remove content that does not abide by these Social Media Community Guidelines.

This may include content that is:

  • Insulting, threatening, or harassing to other users, organizations or City employees
  • Abusive, defamatory, discriminatory, vulgar, hateful or otherwise inappropriate
  • Promoting illegal, violent or dangerous activities
  • Fraudulent or misleading
  • In violation of a law or regulation
  • In violation of or contradictory to public health measures, guidelines and/or recommendations at the regional, provincial and federal levels
  • In violation of another person’s or organization’s intellectual property rights (including copyright)
  • Impersonates any person or organization, or falsely states or otherwise misrepresents your affiliation with a person or organization
  • Announcements from labour or political organizations, political endorsements or canvassing
  • Advertisements, promotional or sales material
  • Linked to websites containing inappropriate or harmful content, viruses, malware or spyware
  • Are spam, unintelligible, irrelevant or posted repeatedly

The City, in its sole and absolute discretion, will determine what content is prohibited in accordance with these Social Media Community Guidelines, and may prevent users who repeatedly publish prohibited content from participating on the City’s social media channels.

Stay on topic

All users must ensure their posts and comments contribute to the conversation and are relevant to the topic at hand.

Do not share personal information

Do not post personal or confidential information since anything shared on social media channels is not confidential. This includes email addresses, telephone numbers and other contact information. Keep in mind that the information shared on a public feed may be used by others. View additional tips on staying safe on social media.

Your comments are your own

The comments or opinions users share on our social media platforms are their own and do not represent the views of the City or its employees and the City does not endorse, or approve those views.

User content

You must only submit content that you have created or otherwise have the right or consent to post from the relevant third party or parties.

At the discretion of the City, any information, photos or videos that are shared or posted to an official City social media account may be reposted or reproduced by the City for promotional purposes or any other City business purposes.

Content posted to the City’s official social media accounts are considered transitory records and will not be kept as a permanent record by the City. Any information collected and retained as part of the City’s public records will be subject to the the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA).

Social media platforms – your responsibilities

Our social media channels are hosted on independent social media platforms. Your actions must comply with the social media platform’s guidelines, conditions and terms of use. We are not responsible for damages that may occur while you are using a City of Markham social media channel.

I am a resident or local business

If you have questions or concerns specifically related to you, please contact the Contact Centre.


By engaging with any of the City’s social media channels, you agree to these Social Media Community Guidelines. We reserve the right to amend or update the City’s Social Media Community Guidelines at any time without prior notice.

Under no circumstances is the City liable for any damages that occur from or are related to your use of the City’s social media channels. You acknowledge that you are personally liable for the content of your posts and the consequences thereof.

If you are not age of majority, you must get permission from your parents before engaging in the City’s social media channels.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the City of Markham’s Social Media Community Guidelines or any other matter regarding our social media properties, please contact us.

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